About Me


Hi there, I am Anirudh! A Product/UX Designer by profession, a complete foodie by heart and size! My job, which I totally enjoy,  is  what enables me to have different kind of food experiences.

A bit of background – 

Me and food go a long way back. During my childhood days, on holidays when my Mom used to wake me up, the first thing I used to ask was “Naashte mein kya hai (Whats there for breakfast)”.  Similar was the questions for other meals. In short I just love food..all kinds as long as its Veg! I am a complete foodie in heart and also in mind! I also love browsing Zomato in whats term of whats trending, what new places have opened up and so on.

So as time passed by, as the likes of Burrp (yes I am old and have seen the heydays of Burrp)/Zomato came along my interest in food took a different turn where-in I had this amazing platform to be a part of the food community, share my experiences, hear from other people’s experiences.   Also with change of economy and many other factors, the restaurant scene in major cities in India just exploded. New restaurants, new global cuisines, new techniques…it is indeed the best time to be into food or foodie! 🙂 In the last 2 years, there may be a maximum of 10 restaurants which I have repeated. Otherwise its always something new which me and my wife (lucky for me she is a foodie too!) keep trying and experimenting!

As much as I love food, I hate when my experience is not good. Considering we are paying for food, the hate goes up. That is why Zomato and likes are so popular where-in we all share our experiences about food, what was good, what was not and so on. This is one reason why I love to write reviews (due to paucity of time don’t write as frequently as I would like to) as I genuinely want to help fellow foodies and also be very critical so that the restaurant can improve in the areas where they are lacking. I want everyone to benefit, there can be a win-win for customers as well for restaurant owners.

Whats with the name – me2oofoodie? 

Was expecting this question. 🙂

me2oofoodie stands for 2 things –

  1. Me two foodies – me and wife, who both love to eat out and try new experiences
  2. Me too foodie – I am too much of a foodie

 Why this Blog?

As much as Zomato was popular, the volume of people using it makes it difficult to stand out. And hence this idea of blog which I wholly admit is 12-18 months late. I am very keen to carve out a space for myself in the Food Blogger scene. As of now it will be all about sharing my genuine food experiences but lets see how it turns out. I have a few ideas, but all in good time.

Also since Zomato has some limitations and being a platform all reviews look the same, it made sense to have a Blog.  Another issue is keeping a track of my earlier activities – be it how many times I ate out, which restaurant I visited in April or on some special occasion, its next to impossible to get this from Zomato. This is another important reason to finally get going with my own food blog.

Anything else worth noting?

All my reviews are 100% genuine and not influenced by anything. I cannot cheat what is my passion and I cannot be dishonest to my fellow foodies or to anyone who goes out to eat and pays using their hard earned money.

On that note, I thank you for visiting my blog and I welcome you to share my food experiences. There is a lot to be discovered through out the globe and I have barely started. If you have come across any place which is absolutely visit, do let me know at metoofoodie@gmail.com .

Happy eating!