Bangalore : Bombay Brasserie, Indiranagar

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Friday Nite Dinner @ Bombay Brasserie (BB)


We came to know about BB incidentally from their Kolkata outlet (while browsing Zomato Kolkata) though we didn’t happen to visit there yet.

So when we heard they have opened an outlet in Bangalore, we were keen to visit.


Food is fairly good, paneer one of the best as it was literally melt-in-mouth, we found prices are not justifiable with the portion size. Overall we had a good time, though its unlikely we will visit again, especially when so many new ones and more importantly better ones exist.

Location – Its on 12th Main, on the other side of Sony World, very near to Glocal Junction.

Parking – Valet exists, though there are quite a few bylanes also.

Reservation – They don’t take reservations.

Staff and Service – We found it friendly and efficient.

Ambiance – Well decorated, lot of pastel shades. It has multiple sections, some are inside and some are outside. The problem here is that the space is fairly small compared to the number of tables they have set-up. Some sections are fairly cramped up. We got the table of 2 which we felt was inadequate. You keep two menus and there is hardly any space left.

Crowd – Mostly young, couples, group of friends.

What we ordered in Veg –

Cracking Tamatar Soup (Rs. 150) – Delicious and a very good start to the meal. It was served like a chai. Crackling name is due to some tid-bits the soup had, looked like nachos or may be bread crumbs. Couldn’t quite figure it out.

Aam Papad Paneer (Rs. 310) – As far as veg starters go, this one seems to be a favorite among many reviewers and also we saw people having this. It was something like chilly paneer but the sauce was very different, something like mix of tamarind/mango sauce and hence the name also. It was different and hence quite appetizing. The paneer was super soft. Too good. Though with the portion size and the price which actually is much more than most of the veg main course, it didn’t feel justified.

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Dum Ke Kali Daal (Rs. 245) – Very good. No two Daal is same and this one was different and yet quite delicious. A bit sweet though. Again the portion size could have been better.

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Lohe Ki Kadhai Ke Aloo (Rs. 225) – We actually wanted to have their ‘Sirka Pyaaz Paneer’ but as we had Paneer in Starters, we decided to go for this. It was a complete disaster for me, as in my portion it was full of Cardamom and Clove. I myself kept aside 8 pieces of Cardamom and 4 pieces of Clove, this totally ruined the taste of what otherwise could have been an interesting dish.

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Chur Chur Paratha (Rs. 105) – Just a sort of Laccha Paratha with Red Chilli Powder sprinked on top. The price is a rip off.

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Amritsari Kulcha (Rs. 95) – Strictly ok. Size and stuffing was meagere. Again a rip off.

Amritsari Kulfa (Rs. 255) – Their signature dessert (Kulfi on a bed of firni and rabdi), didn’t work for me. The kulfi in Bangalore continues to be a shame. People here need to visit Kolkata to get a taste of what actual kulfi. Here its all milky based without any flavor.

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Tuborg Green (Rs. 150) – Pricing is decent for Beer.

Overall incl of GST and Service Charge – Rs. 1963

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Photo 01-10-17, 7 45 16 PM
Didn’t find it worth the price. As you can see from the above, the pricing is not consistent, some dishes are priced way too high.

Overall we did have a good Friday dinner, but unlikely we will repeat it anytime soon.

Should you visit? Yes, as a one time visit its quite a decent experience.


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