Bangalore : Rural Blues, Sarjapur

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I discovered Rural Blues (RB) the same way I do for all the other places I havent been before, from Zomato. Was browsing, came across a pic where the ambiance was all white with blues here and there. It looked beautiful and very Greece liked. Yet to visit Greece but have seen many pictures to venture out someday, for sure.

Photos are usually more enchanting than in real life. It paints a picture/perception which is very different from real.

Yes what I saw in the Cover picture was indeed as it is in real, just that it took me a while to locate the exact angle.

Also from the picture it looks like a huge place, lots of buzz and that was the expectation I had when I set out for RB.

I was quite surprised,it is a fairly big place but the inside section is a lot more big than the outside of which I had seen the photo. Also it was very empty for a Saturday lunch. One reason is that its quite further away on the Sarjapur Road. Also only 3-4 tables were occupied out of around 12 or so. Outside has around 5-6 tables but the heat was a good reason that it was totally empty.

Lets get to work :

Location : Its towards Wipro at Sarjapur. Best to use maps.

Reservation : Seeing the reviews on Zomato, I was expecting a packed place and hence reserved beforehand. But seeing the distance/location while on the way I was not expecting a packed place anyways.

Ambiance : Outside is beautiful and in the evening I believe it will be packed. They also have a terrace like section presumably for private parties and stuff. Outside is very artistic with a small water body, lot of greenery and also a mini open-amphi-theatre like setting. Perfect for a friends group to sit around, indulge in drinks and food.

Photo 06-05-17, 3 40 52 PM

Photo 06-05-17, 2 22 35 PM

Inside is quite big with 3 rows of different seating – regular chair/tables, sofas, long sofas for big groups.

Photo 06-05-17, 2 22 29 PM

Both sides is glass inside of a wall. The downside of this is that in the afternoons lot of heat comes inside making the AC’s fairly ineffective. We had asked whether the AC was on and we also saw a few other tables having the same doubt.

So if you going for lunch, best to take the middle row seating.

It gives a plush feel and also lot of space between tables. Good layout, otherwise nowadays cramping to make more revenue per sq feet seems to be the trend

Staff and Service : Staff was very friendly and courteous. We had taken our Nanny and upon asking whether she can occupy a table, they were very cordial and understandable.

Service I found could have been improved. After a round of starters, the main course took some time to come, which killed our appetite. Waiting is the least desirable part as far as eating out is concerned.

Quantity : Portions are good. Order accordingly. In food in total we (2 of us) ordered 1 starters, 2 main course and 1 desserts.

Food n Drinks : What we ordered in Veg –

1 Nachos with Paneer (Rs. 210) : Paneer was quite unusual as usually in Nachos I have not seen Paneer anywhere. It was a good combination.

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1 Tandoori Nights (Rs. 200 + 50 extra for Wheat Spaghetti) : This was pasta in Makhni sauce. Again very different and very delicious. It came with one piece of Garlic Bread. Fully indianised and saucy.

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1 Mushroom and Spinach based Risotto (Rs. 200) : Another delicious preparation. Though it was more gravier/thin than usual Risottos which are fairly thick. The spinach based gravy we had never had before in Risotto and it was quite appetizing. Full of flavors.

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1 Vanilla Creme Brulee with Biscotti (Rs. 190) : Didn’t like the Biscotti too much as not fond of it in general. Creme Brulee was good but I have had much better ones elsewhere (Cafe Noir, White Room, etc). The crust was soft which was a dampener. A perfect Creme Brulee has a warm crispy crust on top and a cool custard like texture inside.

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Pink City (Rs. 150) – Guava based mocktail, very refreshing considering the hot Bangalore afternoon.

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Chilled Bira (Rs. 200) & KF Premium (Rs. 190), 1 each.

Photo 06-05-17, 2 35 31 PM

Total Tab all inclusive – Rs. 1526

Photo 06-05-17, 3 37 14 PM

Photo 06-05-17, 3 37 01 PM

Pricing : Very reasonable considering we had everything from Starters to Main Course to Desserts and also drinks and mocktails.

Overall except for the Ac thingy we enjoyed our Saturday lunch experience!

Should you visit? – Yes for sure!


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