Kolkata : Chinoiserie,Taj Bengal

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Chinoiserie is one of the most revered Chinese restaurants in Kolkata. More so as its in Taj and seems to be a very favorite places of many people I know.

In Short : Unfortunately, for me Chinoiserie was a downer at all fronts and it was a very ordinary experience. The rating here seems very exaggerated based on my own experience.

Occasion : It was my better halves first outing in a long long time and more so after the delivery of our first baby. 🙂

Positives :
1+1 offer on Black & White whisky thanks to EazyDiner.

Negatives :
1. Service is very poor, only one person was on the floor to take orders for all tables. They seem to have hired newbies for servings and their first day seem to be on our visit.
2. Food is astonishingly very average.
3. Super rip-off, set us back by about 5k.

Location : Taj Bengal, Alipore, Kolkata

Ambiance : Average for a 5-star that too Taj. It felt like a dead place. Hardly any vibrant vibe, the staff also didn’t help much. We were given a table in the side, may be that was the reason.

Service : As mentioned above, very poor.

Food : What we ordered in Veg –

1 Soup – Coriander Lemon Soup (Rs. 550) : So very ordinary with nothing good about to justify the price.

Photo 24-02-17, 8 36 20 PM

1 Starters – Veg Spring Roll (Rs. 900) : Embarrassingly bland and bad. A street side Chinese joint can serve much better Spring Rolls.

Main Course :
1 Tsing Potato (Rs. 975) : Decent, meal saving as Potato goes with anything.

1 Wok Tossed Wheat Noodle (Rs. 750) : To be fair, this was good and in-spite of being Wheat Noodles it didn’t feel so and was tasting like usual Noodles.

Photo 24-02-17, 9 11 36 PM

1 Darshaan-Honey (Rs. 600) : Decent, nothing great.

Photo 24-02-17, 9 46 54 PM

Portions : Chinese portions are usually big, but here it was fit for two of us and we are NOT very big-eaters.

Total Tab – Rs. 4549 (excluding the drinks bill of Rs. 477). After a long time I really felt bad paying this much and not enjoying the meal.

Photo 02-04-17, 6 44 42 PM

Concluding Words : Chinoiserie is not worthy of a repeat for sure and not worthy a visit even for those who have not visited yet. Many better places like Mainland China, Asia Kitchen, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc exist.

Should you visit : No.


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