Bangalore : Art of Delight, Koramangala

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P.S. – Not giving 5 stars as I am yet to try most of the things on their menu. 
AoD is one place which has been on my Bookmark for a long long time. But due to the location being far, just couldn’t visit it. The other day when I went to Asia Kitchen, saw this and was ecstatic. In-fact we ate less at Asia Kitchen to enjoy the desserts at AoD. Good decision for sure! 

I visited AoD thrice in succession over 3 days! Yes its that good! 😀

What I have had over 3 visits –

1 Tiramisu : Outstanding! If not for appetite I can eat two of these! They have this pre-made in a small jar but don’t let the size deceive you. Its quite dense! Its very moist, the taste of cocoa, coffee among other ingredients is bang on as far as flavors is concerned. Though authentic Tiramisu also has a bit of liquer which I found missing here.

1 Raspberry Cheese Cake – Super delicious! I love Raspberry and its such a rare thing to get Raspberry based desserts. This one also comes in a jar though a smaller one than Tiramisu. This one had Raspberry layer and below there was Cheesecake.

Photo 10-02-17, 9 22 42 PM
                                                                   Raspberry Cheese Cake, Tiramisu

1 Strawberry Cheese Cake Ice-cream : Super delicious, this reminded of the Strawberry Cheese-cake flavor at Hokey Pokey which I absolutely love!

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1 Mississippi Mud Pie : Full of chocolate! In the bottom there was crumble brownie. Very very good!

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Each priced at very VFM of Rs. 120/130. Ice-cream is at Rs. 100. Price are all inclusive of taxes.

The place has a cafe like interiors and has a purplish feel to it due to purple lights and black interiors. Looks pretty classy! Its fairly big in size, with a total seating of around 30 people.

Photo 10-02-17, 9 21 39 PM

Photo 10-02-17, 9 32 23 PM

Staff is very friendly!

They also have a lot of Sundaes, various types of Cheesecakes and also Waffles. But Tiramisu being my favorite dessert, lets see when I get to try their other stuff. They also have take-away which I am yet to try.

Photo 10-02-17, 9 21 48 PM

If you like desserts, this place deserves to be visited and repeated!

Go for it!


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