Kolkata : Mumbai Local, Ballygunje

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TD;LR – Brilliant presentation, delicious food, casual and lively atmosphere. Mumbai Local merits a visit or two.

Mumbai Local has been on my Zomato bookmarks list for a long time. Just that my Kolkata trips are very short and hence more than trying new places we tend to gravitate towards tried and tested ones. Being my Birthday we wanted to try a new place. We had some guests joining in and they preferred somewhere in Ballygunje. Quest was a natural choice as they have quite a few good eateries, but after browsing through Mumbai Local, I really wanted to come here and celebrate my Birthday lunch.

As it turns out, it was a good choice and we all really enjoyed everything about this place.

So lets dive into it.

Location : Its in Ballygunje, a little bit ahead (same side) from Quest mall and in a lane. It may not be walking distance for everyone. Use Maps for exact location and for navigation.

Parking : We all came in cabs, but seeing the lane I doubt if parking would be available. Not sure whether they have Valet or not.

Reservation : As always I had made a reservation early and in hindsight I did the right thing. This place was packed at all times during our visit.

Crowd : Lot of college/school kids, a few couples.

Ambiance : Very casual and colorful. A small glimpse below. This place is heavily inspired by Mumbai as you can see from the Wall graffiti. Chairs are not very comfortable and sitting for long can get a bit taxing. They have two sections, both are covered and both have AC’s. Just that the outdoor section has natural light. We chose outside to enjoy.


Staff & Service : Quite good and efficient. No complains. Service was fast.

Food : It only serves Veg food. What all we ordered :


Chotte Miya’s Paneer Tikka (Rs. 295) – We were hungry and this is what we ate first. It was finished off in a flash. Paneer was melt-in-the-mouth, well marinated and tasted very good. (Bade Miya is a much famous place in Mumbai who are known for their kebabs and tikkas. Its opened till morning and hence a very frequent place by party-goes and alike.)


Dhobhi Ghaat Chana Bhatura (rs. 275) – The most interesting food presentation. Bhatura’s was hanging from a rope much like clothes are hanged for drying. It tasted good but I have had better Chana elsewhere. This was a dish which is more to enjoy visually.


2 Minutes Maggi Dosa (Rs. 225) – This was a plain dosa which had stuffing of Maggi inside it. Maggi was cooked perfectly. Dosa was decent. Overall it was an interesting but somehow it felt short. May be they could have added more Maggi or done something else to combine Maggi and Dosa. I do not remember whether they had served Chutney and Sambar along with it, they had just served liquid Maggi tastemaker which we enjoyed a lot. 🙂


Bhaji Paav Mastani (Rs. 295) – Another very interesting presentation. Instead of grilled Pav, they had served a french loaf cut into slices. They had served chopped onions, liquid butter and a brush along with it. I would have preferred if they had tawa grilled the loaf though. It became a bit dry in the way it was served. Bhaji tasted delicious.


Hara Mawa Mater Ke (Rs. 275) – We wanted to order something which was not very heavy and more of starters type and hence this. For me it was the weakest dish as I found it to be a bit dry even though it came with delicious green chutney served in a cute little bucket and some onion salad along with it.


Madh Island (rs. 295) – Being a dessert lover and being my Birthday, dessert was a natural closure to the meal even though we were fairly full. And also I had seen this dish in many photos and I have been looking forward to trying it out. It was heavenly. It was loose mud-pie cake served with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream. Quantity was a lot, though out of 4 of us two were off desserts and hence all the more it felt overwhelming. Nothing was left in the end though. 🙂

Total Tab : Rs. 3226


Its quite VFM (excluding Corona which added quite a bit).

Closing words : Mumbai Local is a must visit place for the overall experience it provides you. Go and have a good time here!

Happy eating!



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