Bangalore : Woodstok, Indiranagar

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TD;LR  – My first debut with Woodstok was way back in 2011 and since then I have always enjoyed the variety (Pizzas, Mexican, Continental, etc) of food here and look forward to the forthcoming visits. This is one place where, due to my consistent good experience, I am assured that the food and service would be good.

After moving to Bangalore in 2011, initially I was staying at my relative’s place in Indiranagar who had taken me to this small yet cosy little place which was 5 mins away from their house. Moving from Mumbai, this place vowed me at multiple levels.

It gave me a very good and positive vibe of being somewhere in some Cafe outside India. At those times they used to have live music every evening (or was it that we had visited on a weekend?!) which was very rare in Mumbai. The food was terrific, I still remember having Brocolli Soup in a Bread Bowl (a first here, but sadly they have discontinued it) and savored every bit of it. The pizzas, the mexican stuff here was top notch.

Its been 6 years and the experience seems to have stood-still. It still serves great food and an overall good experience. In today’s age when restaurants have a very short shelf-life or rather street-life, Woodstok is an Outlier. At that time they only had Woodstok but later on ventured into Indian food with Peacock and Bakery-Cafe with Creame and Crust which I have also reviewed. Both are located on 100 ft road, Indiranagar in the same building. They also have a Banquet (same place) if I am not mistaken.

This last visit was thanks to my Jijaji (Bro-in-Law) who loves Mexican food and whenever he is in Bangalore, one outing of Mexican food has become like a tradition.

Though I have to mention that Woodstok was not my first choice for his outing. Somehow Habanaro comes to my mind, but was surprised to see that they have shut down their Indiranagar outlet also (Koramangala outlet was closed last year). Then came Little Italy but since I had visited it not too long ago, didn’t wanted to repeat again. Then came Woodstok. What tilted it in favor was that they have all the dishes in Mexican (Nachos, Chimichangas, Enchilas, etc) which we usually have. So henceforth will keep in mind Woodstok for Mexican for sure.

The only significant difference is that earlier they used to have a full-bar and now they only keep wine. So for those looking for drinks also, this is not the place unfortunately.

Location : Located in HAL 2nd Stage, coming from Koramangala, take the first left after BBQ Nation. Then at 3rd right, its situated at the corner.

Reservation : Though they have ample space, I always prefer booking as occupancy is difficult to predict especially on Weekends.

Parking : I think they have Valet, but since its located in a residential areas, there is enough space in front and also in by-lanes.

Staff and Service : Efficient and polite, smiling faces in all my experiences. One complain though is that we were 4 of us and they had only got 3 pieces of most of the dishes. I understand 3 may be the standard number, but usually the staff seeing the number of guests increase the servings. Or they could have cut the same size of the dish as per the no. of guests. Its these details which matters and enhances the experience.

Food (Veg) : What we ordered :


Soup – Spring Minestrone, very good, it had the right flavors with generous amount of vegetables. Though quite filling. So if you want to enjoy food, don’t have much of it.


Veg Quesadillas – Outstanding, well cooked, the filling was great. The sour cream which came was so amazing I would have had 3-4 servings of right till the end of the meal. Surprisingly the salsa was disappointing, it was too spicy and the spices felt too raw for taste.


Loaded Potato Skins  – In the review of Cream and Crust I had mentioned that they serve the best Potato Skins in Bangalore and here it was no different since same group of restaurants. It was indeed loaded with 4 big pieces of Potatoes, loaded with fillings and cheese. It was pure happiness!


Cottage Cheese Hawai Sizzler – I don’t remember having this dish earlier and it was a good thing to order. Mexican rice went great with Cottage Cheese, grilled pineapple, cutlet and other assorted vegetables. Though it resembled a bit like Paneer Khurchan. 🙂


Sizzling Vegetables Fajitas – Again a repeat of what we had at Cream and Crust. Seeing the reaction this dish was much loved. It was very Indianized, full of spices and flavors.

Go-green Mocktail and Fresh Lime Soda – Both excellent.

Needless to say, we all definitely over-ate! 🙂 I am aware they have good desserts but we were too full to enjoy anything more.

Total Tab : Rs. 2425, which I found ok. Not very cheap and not very pricey either.



Closing thoughts : Woodstok is a very good choice if you want to experience an overall good meal experience. I am looking forward to my next visit!


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