Bangalore : Pasta Street, Cunningham Road

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P.S. – They have now opened a branch in Indiranagar also. 🙂 So no more braving the traffic all the way to Cunnigham road for delicious Pasta.

Considering where I stay, I don’t usually venture beyond HSR/Koramangala/Indiranagar as on most days Bangalore traffic is pretty brutal.

Being a Sunday (less traffic), while browsing my Bookmarks, Pasta Street came up, saw the photos, reviews and as some one mentioned for a cheese overload this is the place to be, it seemed like an interesting place to try it out.

Well, it surely didn’t disappoint.
1. Food is super, right from Soup till Desserts, it was thoroughly enjoyed.
2. Fairly VFM.
3. Portions are decent
4. Interiors are cafe like, casual and cosy

1. Inside on the ground floor the chairs are very bad and least comfortable. Looks like they designed so that we can eat and leave without staying much time.
2. Only wine

So lets get to the experience –

Location : Cunningham road, not at all familiar with this area, just use Maps.

Reservation : We booked on Zomato. Since its a small place and very popular, its recommended to make a booking. When we reached around 1:30 pm, few tables were empty and when we left around 2:15 pm, the place was full.

Ambiance : It has Ground + first and Ground floor also has a small outside seating. We chose the inside ground floor seating near the open kitchen. Interiors are elegant and yet beautiful.


For those not wanting a back support, they have this table with a nice red cube like chair. Looked very plush!

Staff/service : Quite friendly and helpful.

Food :  what we ordered, all veg.




SoupTomato Garlic Ginger : This was excellent! We were quite hungry and the start couldnt be better. Not very thin, not very thick and yet perfectly creamy! It came with fried crumbs which was served separately. Loved it!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Cheese Garlic Bread – Very very good! It had 4 slices and fairly decent size. Generous amount of cheese and the bread was very fluffy too.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Penne Pasta – Mix of both (White+Red) sauces. This is the best pasta I have had in Bangalore or may be in a long long time in my life. Pasta was cooked the right amount, it was very very saucy as we like it and taste was heavenly. If not for the limits of our appetite we could have gone on eating.

Fresh Lime Soda (Mix) – Perfectly made, neither too sweet nor too salty.

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

Death By Chocolate – A thick and deceptively small slice of Chocolate Truffle Pastry (warmed before serving) with Vanilla Ice-cream. Pastry tasted perfect with the right amount of Chocolate and Sugar and went very well with Vanilla Ice-cream. I had a choice between Tiramisu and this one. Though I am an ardent Tiramisu lover, on this day I was the mood for some Vanilla ice-cream with pastry and hence went for this one. It was super heavy (my better half was off-dessert when we visited) and though I finished it till the last bite, I felt guilty for overdoing it.

Total Tab :  Don’t recall the exact amount but it was surely under Rs. 1200. So quite VFM.

Overall it was a very satisfying and enjoyable meal.

Should you visit ? Yes absolutely!

Happy eating!


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