Bangalore : Glocal Junction, Indiranagar


Glocal Junction (GC) – another one of those warehouse style restaurants or rather lounge-cum-restaurant-cum-nightclub.

The reviews and ratings of above 4.0 is something, which we usually refer at face value.


TD;LR – GC failed to live up to the expectations what we had set out for.

In detail, lets begin –

Location – Located on 12th Main where Naturals (same side) exist. Its a massive space with two floors.

Parking – Valet and enough by-lanes, so parking is not a problem.

Ambiance – Warehouse style, lot of wrought iron furniture here. Reasonably loud music with big projector screens. During sports events this place would be packed. What will further help is Beer starts from Rs. 100 (Tuborg). The cutlery is real heavy and similar (though not light in weight) to those jail-type stuff which Social started. Not at all fond of these utensils as it feels one is in Jail or a beggar to get served in these. It used to be a fad and now safe to say its end has come.

Staff and Service – Good and friendly. Nothing less nothing more.

Crowd – Young, mix of couples and friends groups.


What we ordered :


1 Falafel Pockets Sandwich – Wonder why its under Sandwich. It tasted good, but was disappointingly and unacceptable cold. Even the Falafel was cold. This took almost 15-20 mins to arrive and hence warm if not hot was expected. It came with a nice and spicy red chilli powder mixed with garlic chutney.


1 BBQ Cottage Cheese Pizza – This one again was barely warm, with the bare minimum of toppings (cost-cutting?) and loads of the same chutney mentioned above.
Without good amount of toppings and cheese, a pizza just doesn’t work. To have it in the menu is not enough, one should know how to make it well too.


1 Firni Creme Brulee – Decent but nothing great. Usually in Creme Brulee the top caramel crust is definitely warm/hot and inside its cold. This is what makes it interesting and pairs perfectly. But here neither the crust was hot,nor the inside was cold. And it was served in a earthern like kulhad presumably to replicate Firni as its served in Punjab. Overall it was just mediocre.

1 Fresh Lime Soda – decent

1 Tuborg – chilled.


Total Tab – Around Rs. 1100. Came in a quirky dabba “Glocal Score”.

Needless to say this place is VFM, but since the food was quite average, I didn’t like this place and its unlikely I would return.

I had read in some reviews that they they have different menu for Day and Night, but I was handed one Day Menu for food and one Night menu for Drinks. We had visited for Sunday dinner. So no idea what does Day and Night stands for.

Should you visit? If you are like me who doesnt mind experimenting, you can visit, but if you want a tested and tried place, I suggest skip this one.


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