Bangalore : Creme and Crust, Indiranagar


TD;LR – I always thought Creme and Crust  is like a bakery with desserts and breads. But this is a proper restaurant with a limited but decent food options. We had a very good Mexican lunch here. This place (in addition to Peacock) belongs to the same folks who run the nearby Woodstok.

Why this place – Truth be told, we would never have visited this place if not for the dry-day mania on 2nd October when most of the places in Indiranagar was closed. As per law any place which serves alcohol needs to be closed.

We had left home without knowing this and were looking forward to a good Mexican lunch at Habenaro. We found it closed, then went to Hangover, which was also closed, then we went to Black Rabbit which was also closed and by then we realized most of the places would be closed where alcohol is served. As a last resort at that moment, we went to South-Indies which was open but had a high and very unexpected waiting time of 40-45 mins. By the time we came out, the valet had parked our car. While walking towards the car and starving, we saw Peacock on the other side of the road. We called and they said they are open.

Their first floor outlet was closed and they were serving temporarily from their own Banquet hall.

It didn’t give a good ambiance at all with staff looking like just being hired for the job. Also the staff said only Buffet is available and for Rs. 800 per head, it was a rip-off.

With no option available, we decide to visit their ground floor cafe = Cream N Crust which we did cross while going to Peacock. People were ordering proper food and hence it seemed like a good and rather only option at that time.

Location – Located diagonally opposite to South Indies and below Peacock. There is also a LG showroom next door.

Parking – Valet is available as finding a parking on 100 ft is quite impossible.

Reservations – We just walked in and found a table. Though this place was quite full when we entered and when we left. Not sure whether they take reservations or not.

Ambiance – This is a typical cafe like ambiance. No ac as there is no door to enter and I didn’t see any fans also. Around 10 tables in total at both ends (its a rectangular layout), quite cosy and yet not quite cramped up. The seats are very comfy and one can spend hours here.

Staff and Service – Full marks to the staff, there were just 2 of them and 1-2 helpers. The staff were managing beautifully, very friendly, very courteous.

Though clearly they weren’t able to handle the packed tables, as at times I had to ask for several times for a plate or a fork and my fresh lime soda after waiting for 20 mins never arrived and I had to cancel the same. I don’t see it as a people person but an issue of circumstances and of staff crunch.


What we ordered :


1 Loaded Potato Skins (Rs. 215) – Very cheesy and very delicious. Probably the best I have had in a long time. Usually places end up stuffing hardly anything in between but here it was truly loaded. It was roasted just right.


1 Tomato and Zucchini Soup (Rs. 195) – Excellent! Taste was perfect. This went perfectly with the Potato Skins. It came with two pieces of garlic bread.


1 Fajitas Sizzler(Rs. 415) – Again excellent. This came with two big tortillas and a delicious and saucy mix of vegetables in tomato sauce. Add to it the sour cream, salsa and guacamole and this was the best Fajitas I ever heard! The flavors were very prominent and very Indianised. Wish they had added some cottage-cheese also. Loved it nevertheless.

1 Mint Ice Tea – I don’t have a taste of Iced Tea but my better half said this was very good and not those premix/tetra pack stuff which restaurants usually tend to serve.

Total Tab – Around Rs. 1000

The portions are good and hence even though we didn’t order too much, we were full and  it felt like a VFM place.

Considering that we landed up here unexpectedly and were starving…we had a great time and the food was great also! Desserts we didn’t have, but we have had at Woodstok which were very good.

Should you visit? Yes, absolutely!

Happy eating!


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