Bangalore : Little Italy, Indiranagar


Little Italy (LI) is a vegetarians paradise for Italian and Mexican food. I have been going to their Koramangala outlet for years and not a single visit has been a let down.

We went to their Indiranagar outlet for a change as the Koramangala looks looks a bit jaded and run down in their Ambiance now.

TD;LR – Be it Koramangala or Indiranagar, Little Italy continues to satisfy me with their delicious food!

Read on…

Location – Its located on the 100 ft road, Indiranagar. If you are coming from Domlur it would come on the right side. We went for dinner and hence cant recall any nearby landmark, but it would be difficult to miss if you keep an eye.

Parking – On 100 ft road, parking is next to impossible, like many place LI too has Valet parking.

Staff and Service – Very good, polite and friendly. It is common sense but hardly followed as to how much difference the staff can make. Great food but bad service leads to average experience whereas average food with great service leads to great service!

One thing which is usual practice which is not right is that on each Table they put the highest priced mineral water (QUA) and then in a hurry they ask what water and open the one on table. They should also ask whether they want QUA or Kindley or Bisleri, etc? Why force the same on the customer for earning more money?

Food – Delicious food is a BIG reason why I frequent LI more often than other places.

What we ordered –


1 Crostini – Excellent, the bread was well baked and at the same time very fluffy and soft from inside. The sauce and the cheese topping was generous.


1 Enchiladas – Excellent, generous filling of paneer with other things and along with salsa it was absolutely delicious!


1 Mexican Rice – This turned out to be more like Mexican Risotto, very Indianized though very delicious! Since we were already full, we couldn’t finish even half of it!


1 Ferro Rocher Mousse Cake – We had booked via EazyDiner and hence got a dessert free. This sounded very interesting but in actual it was quite a let down. The mousse and the cake was very fluffy, foamy like and the flavors of Ferror Rocher and Chocolate was very mild. Considering its the highest priced (Rs. 280) its a big rip off.

Total Tab came to around Rs. 1000. May be slightly on the higher side considering we hadn’t ordered much?!

Overall this place is still our favorite place and we have always had a satisfactory meal here!

Should you visit? Yes, absolutely!


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