Kolkata : The Factory Outlet, Camac Street



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Location : Located in Camac Street, above Pantaloons, TFO and WeDesi has replaced Ivory Bar and Kitchen.

Ambiance : Interiors are quite radical with pink all over and cage like seating along with usual table seatings.

Reservations : We went for Sunday lunch (around 2pm), and we were the only one there. Later on people started coming in around 3-3:30.

Service : Mixed. One lady(only one there?) can get better at customer service as I found her a bit rude. We wanted to have 2+1 on beer, 2 of budweiser and 1 of fosters, this person said no. Even though it would have benefited the restaurant itself has fosters(Rs. 140) is of the lesser price than budweiser (Rs. 180).

Also we had ordered one saffron pilaf-paneer dish, where Paneer was horrible. We told the staff, they said let me check with the Chef!! Who is the paying customer, the chef? They said that the Paneer is allright. Anyways, we didnt wanted to argue and said we gave you a feedback, take it or leave it.

To their credit, they were sensible enough to not charge us for the dish. Good and prudent call made by the staff.

Food : This place is known for their eclectic and extensive spread of cocktails. We were in the mood for beer (thanks to hot and humid weather of Kolkata) and hence couldn’t try.

What we ordered :

4+2 Fosters : Menu says 140 a pint, comes to 178 a pint due to some 27% local sales tax. Rip off. Is this the reason they have happy hours?


Margherita Pizza Rs. 345 : Excellent! Pizza was well baked and loaded with cheese! Went super with chiller brew.



Cheese Crostini : Excellent, this came free as they had 1+1 happy hours also on food.


Mezze Platter Rs. 295 : The dips were too good and went well with the falafel (very good!) and other tid-bits with came along with it.

One Saffron pilaf-paneer dish : The paneer tasted horrible and something like Tofu. The rice and the sauces which came very good and delicious though! Since Paneer was smelling, we sent it back. Thankfully and rightfully they didn’t charge for this.

Fresh Lime Water Rs. 100 : Came in a skull glass!

Total Tab – Rs. 1791

Prices are reasonable as I feel as more than half the tab was for drinks and 350 odd rs was taxes alone. Though there was happy hours on some food dishes and on all drinks.

Should you visit? Yes, its a good place with decent food and of-course happy hours on both food(1+1) and drinks (2+1)!


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