Bangalore : Indian Kitchen, MG Road

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In Brief : In my limited experience, this place serves one of the best Indian food in Bangalore in a very beautiful environment. Staff service can be improved in terms of knowing what is available in the menu and then adhering to any request (ex- make food less spicy) being made.

Why this place – This place has been on my bookmark for a very long time. Due to distance from my house, somehow don’t end up in this area too often. Not many Indian food places with a 4+ rating and hence decided to visit here. The interiors was another thing which we wanted to experience.

Location – This is located on MG road, a bit ahead from the Barton Centre. Its next to City Bar (they do share some services, or may be its the same owner, not sure) which was earlier in UB City.

Parking – Valet is available. Parking here and nearby can be very difficult as being a CBD. Though one can park in Church Street and then walk down here. Not very comfortable option though.

Reservations – Earlier when we crossed this place we found a lot of crowd outside. And hence we had booked in advance (EazyDiner, got 10% off on food also). But after visiting (Sunday lunch), we found the place reasonably empty while entering and even after an hour, there were still 3-4 tables vacant. So the crowd which I saw outside on my visit and also on earlier visit would be attributed to the neighboring City Bar. So much was the crowd that Indian Kitchen was serving very limited variety of Beer as apparently City Bar was packed and hence their supply was squeezed.

In short, no harm in booking especially on weekend.

Ambiance – Beautiful, warm dim lights. Very nice wall decor and a lot of lanterns hanging from the ceiling. This place is well designed visually.

Seating is a bit low though. Table of 2 can be a bit cramped up, we were two of us and chose the table for 4 as it seemed a bit higher and also it was more spacious.

Service – The waiter didn’t knew properly what all beers was served and seemed like pushing the expensive ones. When asked to check from some one else, was told that other beers are also available.

We had told categorically to make the food less spicy, but Dal Makhni was quite the opposite. Even though it tasted very good, the spiciness took the sting away from our otherwise delightful meal.

Food –

What we ordered :

2 KF Premium (Rs. 170 each) – chilled as expected


1 Palak Papdi Ke Kebab (Rs. 375) – Very new starter and was excellent. They had crushed papad as a coating on top of the palak papad, which was a great combination. Crunchy from outside and very soft from inside. This is must have.



1 Dal Makhni (Rs. 325) – Very good but very spicy. The flavors were just right, it felt as if it was given the time to cook and not done in a hurry. It was a tad sweet which worked in accentuating the taste. Must have.


1 Nizam Handi (Rs. 350) – Delicious. Very few places can make a good mix veg combination and here it was absolutely great! Must have.

2 Roti (rs. 55 each) – Well cooked

1 Roomali Roti (Rs. 75) – Very nice and went perfectly with the above dishes.

1 Papad (Rs. 45) – Good as expected


1 Ganne Ka Juice (Rs. 100) – Quite nice, but nothing extraordinary considering the price.

Total Tab – Around Rs. 2000.

Considering what we ordered, this place has fine dining rates and felt prices can be less by around 10-15%.

Portion Sizes – Very good. We had to pack both the daal and the subs was we could barely eat half of it.

To conclude – This is a very good place for Indian food and I look to forward to visiting it again.

Should you visit –Yes, absolutely!

Happy eating!


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