Bangalore : Grapevine, HSR Layout

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It was only by chance that I came across Grapevine.

The place looked very well decorated and cool with all glass walls and providing a corner view of the street. It gave a very nice feel from the outside.

Saw the reviews and rating on Zomato and it looked promising.

Alas, the actual experience was anything but promising. The amount of time, effort and money they would have spent on the interiors which to its credit is splendid, if they had spent on the food this place potentially could have been a frequent haunt.

Had visited this place on 4/11/16. Lets get to business –

Location – If you familiar with McDonalds on HSR, its further down towards HSR Club and right on the main road. It would be difficult to miss the place.

Reservations – I usually prefer having a reservation at any place I visit. Booked via Eazy Diner which had a 10% off the bill. This though they didn’t give when the bill came. Though I didn’t mention it but it should have been given by default since they have my reservation. Asking for the same is something I won’t usually do. Also at other places where I have booked with EazyDiner, they had honored the deal without me asking for it.

Ambiance – As mentioned above, really good! Very casual french(though nothing french about the food) cafe like interiors and very colorful! Though we found that the seating was not very comfortable.

Menu – Quite extensive as they seem to have lots of variety across food types – Pasta, Pizza, Sandwiches, Steaks, etc. May be this is their undoing.  For drinks, they only have wine, no other alcohol.

Service – Needs improvement. They seem to have very few staff and one is forever waiting to get some one to attend to.

Food – The weakest link, I don’t recall feeling so let down by food anywhere recently.

What we ordered, only Veg –


1 Soup of the day (Rs. 125) – I think it was Potato Leek and it was excellent. Good start to a meal. Only this turned out to be good. 😦


1 Cottage Cheese Croquettes (Rs. 140) – This was actually only Cheese and more of Nuggets. It felt like typical McCain type frozen stuff. Though it tasted ok, it was a let down to come out and pay for this.


1 Fattayer (Rs.195) – They mentioned its a pie. What came out was similar to a mini Samosa, 4 pieces. Very dissappointing and this also felt like something Frozen food and only fried here. Not at all worth the price.


1 Paneer Steak (Rs. 275) – Disaster. It had a very peculiar taste which was very unappetising. We ate a few spoons and sent it back. The owner(lady) saw this and came to us to ask what went wrong. She was very polite and very receptive to feedback. She gave us a mousse (pic below) complementary. Good gesture. Though personally I would have preferred not being charged for the dish.


1 Fresh Lime Soda (Rs. 60) – Good.

Total Tab – Rs. 1000.

We were hardly full but were not at all willing to order any more dish seeing the experience so far. We went to Corner House post that. 🙂

This place REALLY needs to work on its food, its terrible.

Should you visit? No.


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