Bangalore : Toscano, Forum, Koramangala


Toscano is one of the oldest place for great authentic fine-dining Italian cuisine. Drinks and desserts were great, food was fairly good but nothing great. Prices are on the higher side.

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I first visited Toscano at UB City and thereafter it became quite a fav place for good classic Italian food. Their pizzas especially are simply delicious. Due to distance from my home, couldn’t visit too often and also opening of places like Chianti and Serafina took some of the appeal of Toscano.

A few months back it opened nearby at Forum, Koramangala.

Since we were in Forum anyways and in the mood for Pizzas, Toscano was the obvious choice and if i may add the only choice. Forum is seriously bereft of good eating joints. (Salt is great for Indian food and have already visited multiple times. You can see my review of Salt of both their outlets – Koramangala and Whitfield.)

TD;LR : Great drinks and desserts, main course felt a bit let down. Also its ultra fine dining and for some dishes the prices are just not justifiable.

Lets get to the details :

Location – 2nd floor at Forum, right next to Salt.

Reservations – I had booked in advance as nowadays it seems to be the prudent thing to do. Demonetization notwithstanding. And glad we had a table as in-spite of being a weekday (Tuesday), this place was packed.

Ambiance – Beautiful and very Italian Cafe like. The glass facade makes the place look bigger. Tables are very big and in general the place is comfortably spacious. I think they also have another floor as I saw a staircase.

Crowd – Mixed – family, corporates, couples, kids.

Service – Quite decent but nothing extraordinary. They served Risotto but had forgotten to keep spoons. Service was efficient but the delight factor was missing. More smiling faces are needed in this kind of business.

Food – What we ordered in Veg, can’t recollect the rates.

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1 Bruschetta – Rip off, just 2 pieces, strictly average, passable.


1 Minestrone Soup – Very refreshing and good start to the meal.

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1 Pineapple and Mint Mojito – Very good. Initially I wanted the Sugarcane one, but they had everything except this one. Their Mojito seems to be the speciality considering they have 6-7 different types of Mojito.

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1 Margherita Pizza – We added toppings of Onions, Tomatoes, Capsicum and Jalapeños. Very good, though would have liked more cheese on it. 12” pizza.

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1 Pumpkin Risotto – Fairly good, though the taste of butter/cream was a bit too much. The flavors were very interesting. Portion was good.


1 Creme Brulee – Excellent! Though I wish they had cooled the custard part and then added a layer of caramel on top. The Almond Biscotti which came along with it was fantastic too, though I am not too fond of Biscotti in general.

The shape of the Fork made with Cocoa powder was an interesting element to the plating.

Content but not satisfied with our sweet-tooth cravings, we went and ordered their much popular Tiramisu too :

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1 Tiramisu – Super soft, not too sweet, excellent, one of the best in Bangalore for sure! The coffee ice-cream and what seemed like milk-maid accordingly went perfectly with the Tiramisu.

I wish they hadn’t added that Chocolate thing on top cutting the Tiramisu. It didn’t really add any value.

I remember having their Ravioli before and liked it, but this time wanted to keep space for Desserts and hence skipped.

Bill – Didn’t pay the bill but should be in the range of 3-4k. So this place is expensive.

Compared to main course, we enjoyed the drinks and the desserts more. Food can be improved upon.

Toscano is a great option for Italian Food. But compared to Chianti, Serafina, Little Italy and many others, it doesn’t really come on top of my mind now.

Should you visit ? Yes, try for yourself and decide.


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